Jillian Howell is the perfect day of event coordinator.--truly outstanding! We can only use superlatives to describe the pleasure of working with Jillian. She does everything with grace and style, good humor and good cheer, and she pulls together all the vendors to work together as an ensemble. She is detail-oriented, organized, and focused on each wedding moment so that the bride and groom are relaxed and can enjoy their day. She makes guests feel welcomed and loved; and during the wedding, she does her important work behind the scenes so that everything happens on time and as planned. You'll love working with Jillian. She has the answers to all your wedding questions and will quickly become your go-to person to pull together a magical wedding. As the mother of the bride, I feel so blessed and fortunate that Jillian was our day of the event coordinator. Here's to you, Jillian!


If you could buy peace of mind on your wedding day, it would be Jillian Howell bottled up in a pretty package. I was not 100% sure if I would hire a wedding planner for week of coordination, but after my introductory call with Jillian, I knew I needed her. Jillian is very professional, organized, and asked the right questions to make sure she understood what my vision was for my wedding, what concerns I had, what details really mattered most to me and made sure we were on the same page throughout the process. During my wedding weekend, Jillian was the line that seamlessly connected all the dots between venues, vendors and timelines while managing all of the many moving parts. She graciously dealt with any guest, family member, wedding party member or vendor that came to her with questions and made sure everyone was where they needed to be when they needed to be there. I felt at ease on my wedding day knowing that Jillian and her assistant were handling everything behind the scenes and on the front-lines. And she made sure my only job was to enjoy every moment of my day without worry. My only regret is that I didn't find Jillian sooner in the planning process!

-Katie K.

Hiring Jillian was absolutely the best decision we made in the wedding planning process. Planning a wedding was never a concern for us; however, execution of our plans on a day when we wanted to enjoy all our hard work was a major concern. After talking to a few month-of-coordinators and having little faith that their supporting coordinators would live up to what we expected, we finally found Jillian. It was very clear that we would benefit having Jillian, the business owner, be our point person, not another coordinator that works for her. As the business owner, Jillian should be extremely proud of the brand she has created since she knows exactly how to read her clients and execute on their behalf. She listens, takes copious notes, and follows up – which seems to be quite rare with wedding vendors. For example, during an on-site walk through, Jillian noted all the necessary improvements to the venue that my mom suggested, made sure she had the right contact at the venue, and followed up repeatedly to make sure that they were complete before our big day – all done in an extremely professional manner and with a smile on her face! The most incredible part of our journey with Jillian was actually weeks after the wedding. Upon hearing about our disappointment with a specific vendor, Jillian reached out to that vendor to express her own concerns and experience with their poor execution. Her involvement led us to get a partial refund from that vendor. Overall, it is quite clear that Jillian goes above and beyond the call of duty. Her calm mannerism, flawless execution, and superb listening led not only my husband and I to having a spectacular day, but also our friends and family as well.

-Alexandra D.

Jillian has the patience of a saint. I went into my wedding completely clueless about the entire process. Jillian dealt with me and pointed me in the all the right directions. She gave me expert advice and and helped me navigate contracts. She was never frazzled or bothered by my stupid questions. She was honest and professional and the reason why my wedding got off the ground. I cannot say enough good things about her. When you plan a wedding with Jillian, you really are getting an expert. She will make sure your special day is nothing short of perfect.

-Elizabeth W.

I can’t say enough about Jillian! We worked together on an event in June 2019 and she had such a vision for style and design that created breathtaking photos! She couldn’t be easier to work with and she is exceptionally responsive and flexible. If you’re looking the best wedding planner for your event, the one to choose is Jillian! Thank you!!

-Casey L.

Jillian was amazing to work with! Jillian was the planner for my reception at an Asian restaurant and she was up for the challenge to make sure it looked more modernized. Jillian was super easy to talk to and knew exactly what my vision was from day one. She also used an online site to help keep us on the same page which kept me organized as well. She always kept me on task and was very flexible with meeting times. She was very responsive to emails, I would always get a response the same day, i want to say within hours of sending them out. Also she goes out of her way to make sure the day was perfect. Even though Jillian was only planning my reception she reached out to all my vendors for all my other wedding events to make sure everyone was aware of the timeline (which she put together). As for the day of everything was perfect! Jillian and Melissa made sure it looked exactly as I wanted it to and made sure everything was going as planned. She was very organized and emailed me a list of my things at the reception and where i could find them which was very helpful. Thanks Jillian! We couldn't have asked for a better day!

-Cindy T.

I can not say enough nice things about Jillian! My husband and I feel so lucky to have had her to help us through our wedding process and especially the day of the wedding. I knew all those little important details would not be forgotten because she was there to make sure it was out. Jillian has this warm sweet presence about her that just made the whole process easier. She knows how to get things done but in the most calming way possible. I would recommend Jillian to anyone and everyone! She will make sure your day ends up just as you want it and more! Thank you Jillian! You are the best!!! 

-Andria L.

Jillian planned my October 2017 wedding and I can't recommend her more highly! Her attention to detail, style, and patience is unmatched. She even took some of our favorite photos of the day! Thank you Jill, we love you!

-Anna Rose G.

I was so relieved and happy when I found Jillian! My fiance and I were overwhelmed with the final details, so we reached out for month of coordination and are so glad we did. I would highly recommend Jillian to any couple that wants to be able to enjoy their wedding day from beginning to end!

-Sarah G.

Jill is simply amazing. I did not have one worry throughout our entire time working together. She is organized, professional, friendly, and most of all amazing at putting together elegant events. I would recommend to anyone in need of a coordinator.

-Taylor R.



 Boston, Massachusetts USA

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